Research Services

Research Services


Dario Santoro is the senior searcher in our research department. He's been patent searching for over 30 years. He has an eclectic background and an education in intellectual property research that money simply cannot buy. He's worked with a wide variety of attorneys, agents, and inventors and is proud to still be working with many of the clients he started with. Give us a call and we'll be delighted to tell you everything you'd like to know.


Patentability Searches
Validity Searches
Infringement Searches
Special Projects

Express Service Available


Dario is always at the office. Call us and you'll talk to him directly. Feel free to pick his brain or ask about the status of your cases.


We take the confidentiality and sensitive nature of intellectual property work very seriously. Non Disclosure Agreements welcome.

Getting Started

Give us a call at 1-631-473-0054 to discuss your projects, or see the contact page